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Students Thanksgiving

Students Thanksgiving
0 comments, 15/11/2012, by , in Features

By: Justine Prodencio




To Melissa Enriquez thanksgiving is a day of being with

family and sharing the time they have together.

“This is the time that we can all be together and get

along.” Enriquez said, “I like it because being with my family makes

me happy. I’m thankful for a lot and I appreciate everything I have and I know that I’m lucky to have a family that I can always count on whenever I need them.” Enriquez said.

If it wasn’t for family she doesn’t know what she’d do, she said, because her family is extremely close.

On Thanksgiving Enriquez and her family go to Las Cruces because her family lives there.

“We watch the football game – the Cowboys because that’s our

favorite team.”

“My favorite Thanksgiving food is the turkey, because it’s good,” Enriquez said,

“I’ve always liked the turkey since I was a kid, To me, Thanksgiving is being with family and eating because it’s a tradition and nice to spend the time you have with your family.”

Thanksgiving is different to everyone, but what everyone said

it’s about being thankful, and appreciating what and whom one has and

spending time with them.

Freshman Stephanie Alvarez likes Thanksgiving because of family

and the food.

“Its always a good time when I’m with my family.” Alvarez said, “Especially that we all stop what were doing and focus on what’s iimportant, which is family. I’m very thankful for my family because they are always supporting me.” Alvarez said, “also my friends cause they have my back no matter what.”

“Thanksgiving to me means that you spend time with the ones

you love and care about because life isn’t guaranteed and you need to

appreciate whatever time you have and be grateful.” Alvarez said.

English teacher Norma Alarcon likes spending time with

family on Thanksgiving.

“I like spending time with my family because we’re all together at the same time.” Alarcon said. “It’s a day were we should be thankful for what we have.”

Alarcon’s favorite food to eat on thanksgiving is the ham,

because it’s delicious.

“I like the other food but mostly the ham because

it’s very tasty and to me it’s just what I look forward to on Thanksgiving.”

“Every Thanksgiving is different in my family,”

Alarcon said. “We’re not very traditional but we celebrate it together.”

Alarcon said she is very thankful for a lot, “Because we are very blessed, just are here, alive and well.”


“Thanksgiving is a day to remember that life is good and that you appreciate everything you have because not everyone is lucky.”

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