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Additions to the cafeteria menu for this year have been announced by Cafeteria Manager Mari Luna. They will be making chilaquiles with green

sauce, and baked ziti, which is an Italian dish.

“Baked ziti is similar to a lasagne,” Luna said. 

The cafeteria workers  also will be doing a green chile turkey tacos 

and chicken tortilla soup. 

To have a heads up on what students will get for lunch in the cafeteria there is now an app, Mealviewer to go. 

By downloading the app, students get the advantage of knowing what they will be serving for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also give the students  the entree of what kind of vegetables, grain and fruit they will be giving each day. They manage enough vegetables because they work with a program that is called four-week cycle. Every day they try to give out a different vegetables like corn, broccoli, carrots, etc. 

The food that is most liked by the students is “culture, Mexican food like menudo, posole, barbacoa, enchiladas and more,” Luna said.

Lastly, the food that is least liked by the students is the salad bar. 

“The kids are starting to watch their weight more when they start high school, but they really don’t take the opportunity to try it out,” Luna said 

  Melanye’s story on the cafeteria.

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