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Inaguration Blog
Written by the Argus Staff
January 20, 2009 | Category: News

This morning, Barack Obama was made into the 44th president of the United States. Here's what some of the Argus' members thought about his speech.

Bianca Rodriguez:
Today January 20, 2009, our 44th President, Barack H. Obama Jr. was inaugurated. As I saw this on television, many thoughts rushed into my mind, such as happiness that the United States of America has agreed on change. I was also happy to know that our new President has many good changes in store for us. I loved that he addressed the many problems that many citizens are facing in today’s economy. I also love the fact that he is dedicated on doing his job and helping everyone who is suffering because of the economic crisis. I am pleased to know that he wants to stop the war and bring the troops back home. I liked it when he stated in his speech about our unalienable rights, but that we must work and earn them, because those who are lazy and just want the great riches given to them at hand will not be tolerated. His message was sent out for all to hear. He wants everyone to take responsibility, and everyone should and will. Another main thing that I liked about Obama’s speech was that we will move forward and we will bring history back to follow and help us. I liked that he also brought the science and advance of technology into his speech, because that is what is going to help health facilities help more with less cost. Overall I think having Barack Obama as our new President of the United States of America is the most amazing thing that could’ve ever happened. He brought change to the table, and I think that everyone is rejoicing their decision on electing him in the first place. Now that our new President has said what many of his plans will be, now it’s up to him and with all of our help, to fulfill them. Like he stated in his speech, which I thought was inspiring, it’s what you build that you will be remembered, not what you destroy.

Ileana Lopez:
Barack Obama is the new president of the United States. He was sworn in today, January 20, 2009. Most people are happy about this because he is the first African American president in the United States. Still, others are upset at the outcome. He promises many things for the future, things that will help this struggling economy. He brought hope to everybody’s future but not just because of his promises, but because he proved, even after more than 200 years, that “all men are created equal,” and have the same opportunities in life. His determination proved that you really can be whatever you want when you grow up. President Obama gave promises on how he will help this generation go to school to get a higher education, and how we will use science for the good of the planet and it’s resources. He also mentioned how he wants peace and is willing to “extend his hand if they unclench their fist.” Barack Obama wants what is best for the nation I think; he really has a good heart and good intentions for the United States. He has made so many promises that have touched people’s hearts because he knows the situation in which they are in right now. He thinks he can help them. I really don’t support anybody because I know nobody is perfect and eventually will fail to certain promises they have made. But for the other people who have total faith in him, I hope they remember that he is just one man.

Pilar Padilla:
Hope is all the American people have today. The fulfillment of the next four years is the presumed new beginning for the United States, because Barack Obama is seen as the hope of generations across the entire globe.
What I would like to do is simply forget all of the petty politics and conspiracy theories surrounding this man, because he is simply a man. But, it’s not just that. His name is Barack Hussein Obama; he is African American in a land where racism is still assumed to exist; he comes from a broken home in a society that values the patriarch; his father was a Muslim while our country is currently fighting a war against such “infidels”; he hasn’t even lived in the United States his whole life but is still loyal to this great nation; he is President of the United States of America. This is an opportunity to witness sociological advancement. This is the human race at its best.
America has never had the best reputation for being ahead of the curve when it comes to social issues. It sincerely saddens me to hear people refer to this occasion as a “miracle” and that they “never expected to see this in their lifetime.” There shouldn’t be a black race and a white race and a Hispanic race and an Asian race, because we are all part of a HUMAN race. Now, we can see the silver lining as more and more people start to realize this.
This is a time for progression and not regression. This is a time to reevaluate where the United States stands and how we might be able to become the ideal, colorblind, religion-blind, partisan-blind, race we are divined to be.
This may sound too idealistic, and I agree. But, this is a time to simply relish in the thought of idealism. It is at these times, people around the world can witness the American dream and indulge in some idealism themselves.
Today’s inauguration was America’s gift to the world, not because of the man, but because of the hope his office brings.

David Ferniza:
Barack Obama turns into our 44th president, and many are already starting to praise him about the changes he is promising to make to the U.S. The problem with that is that he’s just human - he’s not going to be able to fix all of America’s problems in a flash. Some will slowly get fixed, some may not - it doesn’t mean he will be a bad president. What is also taken to consideration about him being in office is the fact that he’s “African American”(most people assume dark skin means they’re either African, American, or both, while it could be neither). People just keep talking about this while they should be discussing what he’s going to change in our country. I can’t say if Obama will be a great president or not, because of the situation with our bad economy, being in war, etc. But I can see that he’s determined to bring change for the better to this country in chaos, and for that, I respect him.

Rebecca Saavedra:
As the United States 44th President and also being the nation’s first African American President, I believe that Barack can give this nation a clean slate and have us start from scratch, starting with this ongoing war with Iraq. With his motivating speeches, he makes the most stubborn believe that this nation can change, but in order for change to occur we ourselves must change. Our new President has many things to focus on like a solution to our nation’s economical problems, the war in Iraq, and decreasing our nation’s dependency on oil. In order to see these changes go in to effect, I believe that we all need to set our differences aside and work for a solution. The inauguration of our new President is not only a historical event, but it also marks a point of change in the United States, which is much needed.

Amy Ramirez:
Today, our nation and the entire world became a witness to the “Audacity of Hope.” Our first African-American president was inaugurated into the Oval Office, an event almost every generation before us only witnessed in their dreams. While watching the monumental event in Calculus, I realized the gravity of such a historical event. The chatter and humming murmur of our commentary came to a standstill when he discussed the importance of not only the restoration of the economy but also the restoration of trust between the people and its government. It’s as though a new light has been shined upon the United States. Despite the dark and troubling truth about the war, economic crisis and national morale, our chance to mend the wear and tear of our country could not seem better. Finally, the word “minority” won’t be taken literally. As a representative of a minority, our president can truly create a connection to the nation as a whole and inspire other minorities to pursue their aspirations with utmost perseverance. The only direction we can look is forward and support the plans of improvement Obama has to offer.

Marissa Soto:
Hearing Obama’s inauguration speech today, I felt very lucky and empowered as a citizen to have him as my president. He really seems to have many thoughts of change and spoke with power and confidence as he laid out his thoughts of his presidency. I only hope that he can follow up with actions and not just be all talk. One other thing that stays in the back of my mind when I think of Obama’s presidency is the lack of respect from certain citizens; I hope that his ethnicity isn’t the cause for discrimination or demeans him in anyone’s eyes. I think if the nation gave him a fair chance, he really could offer us an abundance of change and turn the nation around, with time of course. Many of us are expecting him to be this miracle worker, but I think we also need to understand that he’s human just like the rest of us. It’s going to take him a while to get his footing and even though some of his plans may not succeed right away, in the long run he might just be exactly what this country needs to get back on it’s feet. If his speech, or strength as a speaker is any indication as to his strengths to run a country, then I think we’ll all be alright.

Stephanie Aparicio:
My opinion on Barrack Obama being the new president of the United States of America is that, I believe that he can make a change for this country. He sounds motivated to do changes for our country that will help us. Even though it will be hard for him because of the economy problems going on right now - gas prices going up and unemployment. He said many things like: he will try to stop the building of the wall cross the border; bringing back our troops (which we do not know if it will be a good thing or not. Once they are gone we do not know if things will get better or worse for us.). I really do not think he can do all of what he is saying, because changing things may be the hardest for people to do. It will take time. Like global warming, people have tried mostly everything, but we our still causing global warming because people really don’t get into cleaning our world. I really can walk out side or walk anywhere and I see trash that people leave behind. Maybe he can make a change by step by step. It will take a while to do so. I don’t have any negative thing against him. It’s just that every president has said they will do there best to change things. Most of them really did not do what they had promised to the people.

Alexis Gavaldon:
Our 44th president Barrack Obama is definitely the key to our better future. He is a very smart man who is ready to lead our nation to a positive change. It is about time that the United States of America chose a leader who has a lot of capability. January 20 ,2009, is a very memorable day that has gone down in our nation’s history, as we watched our very first African-American president, become our nation’s leader. We heard his very first speech as president of The United States. He reassured his fellow Americans that he is going to make changes, and that he will start working his first day on the job, and I believe that he will do as he says. He is a smart man who has seen what leaders before him has gotten us into, and for the next four years he is going to help us get out of this mess, and become who we really are.

Luis Colomo:
I am very impressed with all the changes that have occurred in American society this past century. What seemed to be impossible a couple of decades ago became a reality yesterday when the 44th president of the United States, the first African-American in the whole history of the country, was inaugurated in Washington. I’m very glad to see all these events and to finally get to a place where we realize that voices are heard and changes are made. President Obama assumed his presidency at a very critical time for the country, but I really believe that he is going to be successful by helping the nation thrive. His proposals and ideas for the betterment of the United States are concrete, possible and somewhat radical, but I think he will do everything in the power of the government to recuperate the economy.

Erika Hernandez:
The Inauguration of our new president, Barack Obama, is a wish come true. People across America know that a change is here. Finally, the dream that Martin Luther King Jr. had years ago has come true. Hopefully, the new president will keep to his word about all the new changes he says that are going to take place, and we can finally become a stronger country and “rebuild ourselves.” My favorite part of Obama’s speech was the part where he said, “It’s time to pick ourselves up, it’s time to brush ourselves off, and begin to rebuild America again.” That is a very powerful quote from a powerful man who gives people hope that there is going to be a better tomorrow.

Jacqueline Figueroa:
Barrack H. Obama is our 44th President, and I am glad that he is our new President. At first, I had my doubts about what his intentions were, but after I heard and actually listened to what he had to say, I changed my mind about him. Also, I like the way that he broke the barrier that African- Americans cannot be President. That gives the younger generation a sense to know that anybody can do anything they wish. It took somebody very strong to do that, and I applaud him. Also maybe he can help us start over again and may be help us with our economic problems. He could also help with the war that is happening in Iraq and bring our families back now. So maybe now with a new President in office, we can have change and a different perspective on things that need to be changed.

Melissa Vasquez:
One always sits in their history class and reads about past historical events. One feels envious of those people who were present in truly historical events, of those who experienced the adrenaline rush as history was being made, of those whose heard the poetic truth flow from Martin Luther King as he made his unforgettable “I have dream of speech.” But I am proud to say that on January 20, 2009 I witnessed history. I was part of history when I watched from the seat of my calculus class Barrack Obama being sworn in as the 44th president and the first African American President. I truly believe our nation has made leaps and bounds toward one of the rights we hold dear, and that is equality. I believe in President Obama’s promise of change and think he will lead in a direction that will benefit our country. President Obama symbolizes not only change but also hope; he inspires hope for every minority to do the impossible. Obama inspires hope not only in the United States and myself but also in the whole world for a better future.

Alexandra Welch-Quarm:
Barrack Obama took the vows to serve America as president on Jan. 21, swearing also to lead the country out of the recession and out of war in his speech. Admittedly, I am wary of Obama because of the scandals and hearsay that followed him like a plague – not to mention the socialist stances that Obama has taken. How fair is it for those who work hard for their money to lose it to those who do not work at all? Even so, I do hope he succeeds in office, for if he doesn’t, he drags the whole of America down with him.

Kassandra Grajeda:
Barrack Obama’s words were inspiring; I can’t help but wonder how nervous Obama was throughout the swearing in especially when he stumbled through. Despite one or two mistakes, he made while reciting the presidential oath, President Obama and Vice President Biden made it through to becoming the new leaders of the United States. A prayer said before the swearing in seemed to help calm Obama’s nerves. The crowds reached more than two miles down the mall and many had been there since 5 in the morning in the cold weather conditions. Yet the dedication was shown when not only the citizens of America watched but also the people from the other side of the world cheered Obama on as he as he became Commander and Chief. President Obama has four years to prove himself to the country, and I believe he will do his best.

Stephanie Arenas:
The United States has come a long way and it sure has showed all this week. With a new president going into office, it has shown many how everything is possible. It only takes some hard work and some courage. This historic event has brought tears to many faces and has showed tons of Americans once again that you can be anything in life. There are no limits. We are a nation where freedom is the main principle and born into a nation where we can be anything we want to be. All I can really say about this historic week is that I am proud to live in a nation where I can become whoever I want to become, and I am proud to be an American.