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Basketball Team
Written by Stephanie Aparicio
January 22, 2009 | Category: Sports

The JV basketball team is on their way to the top bringing on the heat with them.

To achieve their goals, the basketball team practices usually six days a week, two hours every day.

Team members said they always put the team before the themselves making themselves work together to get better.

The basketball team for this season plans “to play poised, mentally though basketball, we give ourselves a chance to win every game,” Coach Rob Dibler.

To motivate the team, we have a silent moment focus session followed by a loud motivational speech and a pump up session with music.”

Leaders on the floor, Lee Vasquez and James Marquez, said they work hard all the time. Vasquez and Marquez both said that they could play better than they are right now. They know that they can make it to district because they have great team players who also work hard, and have good sportsmanship. Each works together to pass the ball, rebound, and support one another. They are not strangers to each other - they are family.

Vasquez says, “We have a special play that really helps us a lot. It’s called STACK,” James Marquez said.” We won’t have any problem going to district. We have won all our games lately.”

Coach Dibler says,” I always, tell the players that the ‘plays’ don’t win games It’s how you execute them.”