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‘Dark Elite’ fascinating fantasy

0 comments, 08/11/2011, by , in Opinion

Thursday, September 15, 2011 By Rosario Neria

Chloe Neill’s book The Dark Elite displays a not so usual fantasy world with high school drama. – Rosario Neria









Chloe Neill’s book The Dark Elite (2011), features two of her books,Firespell (2010) and Hexbound (2011). This intriguing fantasy book displays a not so usual fantasy world, though with high school drama.

Set at an all girls boarding school in Chicago, the characters in this book are written so incredibly that the reader feels that they are real. The heroine of the story, Lily, is not your usual fantasy girl of a soft girl in distress and yet tough, but someone with a strong and curious personality, as she often tries to play Nancy Drew. Lily’s new friend Scout is also another not so usual character, as mystery combines with her humorous persona.

In Firespell Lily is sent to a boarding school in Chicago by her parents who went on a business trip to Germany. Lily is depressed by the transfer and the only thing that has kept her spirits up is her new friend Scout. But Lily finds that Scout has some secrets and leaves during the night on some unknown mission. Lily soon understands the reason for Scouts nightly leavings. When a prank leaves Lily trapped at the schools underground tunnel system, and she is attacked by something that should not be out of books and fairy tales, and Scout finally tells Lily the truth. The fight between good and evil brought to a new light.

In Hexbound, the line, with great power comes great responsibility is taken to a whole new level, which is why Lily needs to understand and control her new powers in full and soon. As if it wasn’t enough with brat pack drama and a crush on a cute guy- who has a werewolfy secret. Also she meets with a guy from the opposite side who promises her that he can help her to control her powers and use them like never before. With deception and secrets, Lily soon finds that her path is not always clear.

Neill has written a wondrous and complex world of magic, mystery, and boarding school drama. It has some romance, though not very much can satisfy any teen romantic. An example is when Lily finds that her parents trip to Germany is not as simple as it seems. There are secrets hidden behind the reasons they leave and why Lily was sent to St. Sophia boarding school. Another is when Scout is kidnaped by the enemy, and Lily tries to convince the other Adept (good guys) to help her find and rescue her friend – though the senior Adepts are very reluctant to go.

This book though complex, is very intriguing, and the characters are so mysterious and humorous the reader won’t want to put this book down. This book is an escape from the real world. Get this book at your local WalMart for around $5-$6 or at Barnes and Noble for $9.49.

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