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School Lunch

0 comments, 23/10/2013, by , in At-a-glance, Opinion

It’s either the cafe or the cafeteria and junior Bryant Paez is ready to say what he finds best.
When it’s time to give his ideas on how to improve food, Paez said, “Well I think they should add more of a selection to not only the cafeteria but the cafe as well.”
Paez then describes his feelings of taste towards the food.
“I’m not really fond of the food from the cafeteria,” Paez said.
When it comes down to which of the two he prefers, Paez said, “I prefer the cafe personally.”
Sophomore Alyssa Mendoza is ready to give her opinion and ideas for school lunch, which are on how she would improve lunch.
“Maybe add a variety of foods to the cafeteria like different lasganas,” she said.
Mendoza then says whether or not she enjoys the food, “I honestly like the cafeteria food a lot,” Mendoza said.
Now Mendoza shares her pick of the two.
“I prefer the cafeteria because it’s cheap and good.”

Sophomore Isabel Gutierrez gives her opinion on her thoughts of the school lunch. When asked on how she would improve the lunch Gutierrez said, “I think they should just give a little bit more flavor to the food.”
Gutierrez gives her opinion on the food tastes.
“It’s alright. Sometimes it’s really good but others it could be better.”
So what’s the choice between the two?
“I like the cafe just a little better since it’s just fast food thats brought here,” Gutierrez said.

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