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Musical Review: Some Nights by Fun

0 comments, 01/03/2012, by , in Opinion

By: Chrissy Gomez

Three years after their freshman album “Aim and Ignite,” indie pop band Fun has stirred up the enthusiasm of fans with their stellar hit single “We Are Young (ft. Janelle Monae)” and have recently released their next studio album. Fun fans can now get their hands on “Some Nights,”an album that has been highly anticipated since the release of “We Are Young.”

 “Some Nights” is packed full of energetic songs with an almost grungy sentiment that keeps Fun true to their nature. Lead singer Nate Ruess’ multi-octave vocals coupled with the operatic highs and lows of each song make the entire album so much more different than their prior album “Aim and Ignite,in both positive and negative ways.

 Since the Chevy Sonic Superbowl commercial, the single “We Are Young” has hit the top of the iTunes charts along with the version of the song covered by the Glee cast. The song features the Grammy-nominated R&B singer Janelle Monae, which adds a very soulful feel to the tune.

 The overall sound of the album is much more mellow and euphonious than what Fun usually dishes out to their fans. “We Are Young” and “Out On The Town” sound like Fun’s classic foot-stomping compositions, however, “Carry On” and “Why I am The One” are tracks that are much too tranquil for the usual clamorous nature of the band.

 Fun still keeps their unique style while incorporating a newer sound to that could get some getting used to but is definitely a step in the right direction for this upcoming indie band. “Some Nights” is available at l FYE and Best Buy for a generous $10 or so. For that vintage feel, the vinyl and CD bonus pack will run about $25.

 As it stands, “We Are Young” has hit number one on the iTunes charts and “Some Nights” has placed second on after Adele’s “21” album.

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