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Jail n’ Bail

0 comments, 17/04/2012, by , in Features

By Rebeca Cazares

Junior English teacher Ms. Barragan stands incarcerated as she asks for bail money.


Future Business Leaders of America’s March of Dimes fundraiser continued with the Jail and Bail April 13.

For only $5 students were able to put staff members, even the principal, in jail. The prisoners were taken to the lobby and sentenced for their whole conference period unless they made bail with the $10 fee.  The principal and assistant principals’  bail out fee though was $100.

“The main idea was not for the prisoners to have the money ready ,instead it’s so they can call students or people to bring them a dollar or more,” sponsor of FBLA Terry Lopez said.

FBLA wanted to get the whole student body involved so they could therefore help bail out their teachers or staff.

“The Jail & Bail was new this year. I think the students enjoyed it,” freshman Gimena Ramirez said.

The March of Dimes raises money for premature babies and other problems they might encounter.  The mission is to help local communities so that mothers can take charge of their health.  Not only is the March of Dimes locally, but also it is a global organization that helps mothers prevent premature birth and birth defects.  The March of Dimes wants to help improve the health of the baby.

“For the Jail and Bail we are hoping to have raise at least $800,” Ramirez said.

FBLA went above what they had expected to raise for the Jail and Bail.

“Sadly, this is our last major event helping the March of Dimes. But over $1,100 was collected Friday and we still have some pledges,”  Lopez said.

As of last Wednesday no one had paid for the Jail in Bail. It seemed it was going to be a fail.

“Luckily the Jail and Bail was a success everyone worked together and got into it,”  Lopez said.

Most of the teachers and staff went over the bail fee that was needed.  AP Laura Carrera brought in $200 in her time in “jail.”

“Jail and Bail was fun and it is all for a good cause,”  counselor Pat Almeida said.



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