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New chemistry teacher hopes to inspire students

0 comments, 09/09/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Features, News

 Although Veronica Ramirez is a new Chemistry teacher at Bel Air, it’s not the first time she’s worked here. She worked at the Math Center and tutored math TAKS for three years. That’s where her passion for teaching began. Soon after, she worked as a physical therapist trying to avoid a career having anything to do with teaching.

  Ramirez says, “I found a passion for teaching, but avoided education as much as possible because my mom was a teacher, and highly encouraged that I not even think about teaching. She believes teachers are overworked and underpaid.”

 But that wasn’t enough to stop Ramirez from following her passion she so much desired.

 “I found my way back to education holding two jobs tutoring at Jefferson and working as a P.T. tech. After graduation I taught at El Paso High School for four years.” Ramirez said.

 Ramirez feels the key to motivating students is making the subject relevant and relatable to their own lives.

 Ramirez said, “Most kids dread chemistry, so I try to relate it to their own lives; I always tell them things like ‘Chem is life!’ to get them interested and involved.”

 The students, faculty, and staff has made Ramirez feel Bel Air’s Big Red Pride.

 Ramirez said, “I love Bel Air. Everyone has been so nice and helpful and the students have been great.”

 Ramirez doesn’t expect her students to feel the same interest she does in chemistry, but to at least understand it’s importance to our lives.

   “I don’t expect them to love chemistry, but to at least appreciate it.”

By Amber Gentry

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