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Texting while driving

0 comments, 20/04/2012, by , in Opinion

By Edna Ferguson

Texting while driving at any speed is dangerous and should be illegal in Texas. This is like driving after having drunk four beers. Easily one can tell the person is bound to be in an accident. Statistics show that 11 teens die every day because of texting while driving. This dangerous activity calls for a law banning it.


In Texas there is no law against texting. This past January, the Texas House of Representatives tried passing a law against the issue twice and both times the bill was ignored. One was sent to Texas Governor Rick Perry for his signature but was vetoed by him because he said the law is an “effort to micromanage the behavior of adults.”


The governor is forgetting that it is not just adults behind the wheel but teens, as well. It’s common sense that texting while driving is an unintelligent thing to do. Texas should take a stand and review the truth over texting and driving. Illegalizing the use of electronic devices will keep the rate of deaths lower than it is today at Texas.


About 30 states have made texting while driving illegal. Why is it so hard for Texas to do the same? The state of Texas should not think about it twice, this issue should be banned.


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