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Little Broken Hearts

0 comments, 11/05/2012, by , in Opinion

By Chrissy Gomez


















Three years after her album “The Fall,” contemporary jazz singer Norah Jones released her fifth studio album “Little Broken Hearts” on May 1. Jones joined forces with Danger Mouse (a.k.a Brian Burton) to produce this 12 track record that has given her the potential to make a great comeback.

“Little Broken Hearts” differs from prior albums because of its electronic sound and angst-ridden lyrics that reflect the dark times faced by Jones at the time. With a bit of pent up animosity over a bad breakup, Jones was able to channel her emotions into every track with class and wit.

The album includes songs such as “Good Morning” and “Say Goodbye” that reveal her resignation to a broken relationship with mockery and a juxtaposing cheerful sound to go along with condescending lyrics. “Happy Pills,” on the other hand, has a much more cheerful beat to go along with her harsh words; one can imagine her smiling as she sings, “Trying to make it so I never see your face again.”

The new album has been received with open arms by critics, earning a 3 out of 4 rating from the Washington Post.

“With bluesy and soulful undertones, Jones is leaving her relationship baggage behind,” reporter Erin Williams said. “Giving it its mournful due, but emerging wiser — and better — from the experience.”

As bitter as the album is, “Little Broken Hearts” is so gracefully crafted and does not take away from Jones’ strong, whimsical voice. Jones is able to knock off her old title as “Snorah Jones” and step into an edgier spotlight.

“Little Broken Hearts” currently holds the fifth spot on the iTunes charts and is predicted to make its way up much after the release. The album can be bought at a local Walmart or FYE music store for $12.






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