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Bossypants Book Review

0 comments, 10/04/2012, by , in Opinion

By Rebeca Cazares

Tina Fey’s “BossyPants” captivates the audience by with it’s intense humor.  “BossyPants” is not a typical memoir instead it’s filled with out loud bursts of laughter.

The book because of it’s amazing writing was on the NewYork bestsellers for the April edition.  “BossyPants” is about Fey’s childhood events, teenage years, and adult years, all which are written with never ending humor.

“Tina Fey is an ugly, pear-shaped, ******, overrated troll,”

Not only humor will be found in this book but also the ongoing idea that women are not weak like most men seem to think.  She depicts women as being strong and independent.  Fey is in reality the “BossyPants” of the story (for she has her own television show “30 Rock” which employs a lot of people).  Fey has made it “big” in America in a profession  run by typically by  men.  She made into show business but not by showing nudity or by being the ideal American “beauty,” but by her creativity and humor.

“BossyPants” also goes on about how women always seem to find something wrong with themselves.  The idea that women need to be beautiful to make it big in life or in show business is opposed by Fey.     She proved that by  intelligence and by commitment, women can make it big in a men’s profession.

This book has the perfect balance between spiky humor and captivating writing.  People around will look at you weird while reading this book, for the audience won’t be able to hold down their laughter (beginning at the first page).

Even the trees seem to love it.

“Totally worth it”–Trees.

***** 5 stars



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