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“The Other Woman” Review

0 comments, 01/05/2014, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

Carly Whitten has it all. She has a loving boyfriend and an excellent house. One day her perfect world turns into chaos when she finds out that her boyfriend isn’t the man she thought he was.

In the romantic comedy film “The Other Woman,” Cameron Diaz plays Carly Whitten who is surprised to discover that her boyfriend Mark King, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, is married to Kate King played by Leslie Mann. She is devastated. This movie was very funny and interesting to watch.

  Carly tries to get her life back on track, but realizes that her and Mark’s wife have a lot in common, and they team up for revenge against the guy who broke their hearts. Once they decide that they are ready to start their plan for revenge, yet another affair is revealed with another young lady named Amber played by Kate Upton. All three of them meet and then start the plan for revenge.

   This movie was directed by Nick Cassavetes.The overall direction and production of the film was fantastic. The cast and crew brought out the movie and the whole understanding of it. The plot of the movie was exciting and suspenseful. People didn’t know what was going to happen next.

All of the main characters did a good job, especially Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann because they are total opposites in the movie, Carly (Cameron Diaz) is tough as nails while Kate (Leslie Mann) is very needy and is a very talkative person. Amber (Kate Upton) is one of those young girls who has the looks but not the brain.

 “The Other Woman” was released at all Cinemark locations and movie theaters on April 25. This movie is sure to bring families lots of laughs as Diaz, Upton, and Mann bring fun and excitement to their roles. Production on the film was released in Downtown Manhattan, New York. The film topped the U.S. box office on the first day of release, it earned about $24.7 million. Overall rating of this movie is a 7.5/10.

By: Alexandra Ramos

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