Boys soccer wins first state title
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A big thanks to cheer coach Vikki Deloach and junior cheerleader Leslie Cervantes Maldonado for getting these pictures for the Argus.   " order_by="sortorder" order_direction="ASC" returns="included" maximum_entity_count="500"]Semifinal game was against Pharr Valley View on Thursday, Apri... Read more...

Seniors Prepare for TSI Testing

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Bel Air Evacuates After Burnout

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Shelly Ross Basketball Signing

Shelly Ross Basketball Signing

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The Sun City’s Pride

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“DUDE” revolves around four best friends Lily, Chloe, Amelia, and Rebecca. They are two weeks away from graduation, then life hits them with reality. “DUDE” is one of the best teen dramas out there yet. “DUDE” starts off with a tragedy. Chloe’s older brother, Thomas, dies in a... Read more...

The movie “I Feel Pretty” makes the viewer laugh because it is hilarious. This film is entertaining, pleasing, and a great 'feel good' movie. It has romance, comedy, and good messages. It is a great funny film to see with others. This movie can make the viewer picture their own self in the m... Read more...

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The second and third weeks of May will be dedicated for Bel Air students to complete their End of Course and STAAR exams. Consisting of Biology, Algebra 1, and U.S. History, plus AP courses such as Physics, U.S. history, and World History, freshmen and juniors will tackle the final exams required fo... Read more...

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Friday, April 20, was international school walkout day where students from all over the United States walked out of their classrooms at 10 a.m. to protest against gun violence. While this was a way to voice students opinions and raise awareness, a simple walkout will not change gun violence. Thi... Read more...

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Recently, the Mexican government approved of a new project that will make organ donations mandatory for all 18 and above. This means that once a person of that age dies, any good organs will be put up for donation unless people leave any statement saying they don’t want to donate their organs. ... Read more...