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Honored Ex Helps Out Football Team

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This year’s honored ex defines great role model according to his former teachers.

“There are not many Angel Garcia’s in this world. Angel was always a very hard working man who stood out from the other students. He could joke around and be friendly, but when it came to his grades, there was no joke about that. I cannot recall a single time Angel had a B. He was always on the high honor roll list,” Susan Anderson, a former HP teacher said.

Dr. Garcia has helped Bel Air tremendously, according to Dr. David Angerstein, a science teacher. He has made major contributions, which has enabled the Science Club to go on trips to South America and Central America.

Dr. Garcia made a very strong point when it comes to science.

“It is what I am passionate about and think that developing a strong background in science is very important especially for those wishing to pursue a career in medicine.”

That is not all Dr. Garcia does to give back to the Bel Air community. He also attends every varsity football game on Friday nights and assists trainers Joe Messinger and Emily Childs as the team doctor. Dr. Garcia said he enjoys working the games Friday nights.

“It is my way of giving back to the community that has given me so much. I love working the games and working with Joe and Emily. They are great people.”

Messinger also had some kind words to say about Dr. Garcia.

“He helps the sports medicine department by doing physicals in the summer besides being on the sidelines at the varsity football games.”

With a little hard work and determination, Dr. Garcia’s dreams came true.

“Being a doctor was my dream since I was a child. That is the very reason why I went to Bel Air, for the health magnet. I wanted to do as much as I could to prepare myself for college with the goal of getting into medical school and becoming a doctor.”

He graduated from the University of Texas Medical School At San Antonio. He worked at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center before opening his own practice in General family medicine and Sports medicine. His office is located on 1600 N. Lee Trevino Dr., Suite D3.

Dr. Garcia had some wise words for students in high school.

“Never settle for mediocrity.  Push yourselves to do the best that you can, and when your best is not good enough, find a way to improve. Life outside of high school is not easy. It is very competitive, and those who are best prepared are the ones who will get the jobs and promotions. Bel Air has a lot to offer and many great teachers. Be motivated to learn and stay dedicated. The difference between a dream and a goal is the hard work you put behind it.”

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