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“Fury” Review

0 comments, 11/11/2014, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

The film “Fury,” an action/adventure drama. Brad Pitt (from “World War Z”) stars in this film alongside, Logan Lerman (from “The Perks of Being A Wallflower”), Jon Bernthal (from the hit TV show “The Walking Dead”), Shia Labeouf (from the hit Disney channel show “Even Stevens”), and Michael Peña (from the movie “World Trade Center”).

This particular film begins in April of 1945, during World War 2. The viewers get a glimpse of how war can change a person, when a rookie soldier (Logan Lerman) is introduced to the platoon lead by ‘War Daddy’(Brad Pitt). Lerman did well performing as a rookie soldier unwilling to become a soldier. Pitt surprised viewers with his acting of a hardened, committed, and indifferent platoon leader. The audience views how the platoon begins to bond and making their efforts to win the war against German Nazis.


Besides the impeccable acting, the movie surprised many veterans with its authenticity.The effects were realistic for the most part and had an overall well developed storyline plot. Some scenes containing blood and shooting were unrealistic. Some unrealistic moments were in the middle of the film when there is a scene where a soldier friendly fires; and the tank(if real) would not allow friendly fire the way it is built.The gore is realistic in all scenes but the first when they obviously just added food coloring to a bowl of water (dumping out blood from the infirmary).

“Fury” is not recommended for families and is rated “R” for gore, language, and sexual references. This film earned four out of five stars, because every movie can get better.

By Destiny Migliore

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