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“Future Hearts” Review

0 comments, 29/04/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

All Time Low’s beautifully crafted and five out of five stars-rated album “Future Hearts” released April 10, reached an all time high, placing number one on UK’s top music chart. “Future Hearts” topped second place winner James Bay’s “Chaos And The Calm,” and third place winner Ed Sheeran’s “X.” Their sixth album is a clear example of how All Time Low has evolved over the decade of their music career. The fact that their new album is their first to have climbed it’s way to the top is a big achievement for the pop-rock band.

One of their songs features Joel Madden, and an another song features Mark Hoppus. When “All Time Low” were merely high school teens, the band “Blink-182” was their soul inspiration for Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick and Rian Dawson to start a band together. Now, singer from “Blink-182” Mark Hoppus, a member who helped start it all, is featured in one of their songs.

Merrick is nominated for best bassist, and Dawson is nominated for best drummer for the “2015 Alternative Press Awards.” And the appropriately inappropriate hosts of the award show will be singer Gaskarth and guitarist Barakat. Any fan of “All Time Low” knows that they will make excellent hosts for the music awards. Get updates on the winners on AP’s website or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or get tickets at for Cleveland Ohio, and make sure to vote for the nominees.

“All Time Low has always had a very upbeat pop-rock vibe to their music. “Future Hearts” is that album to listen to when feeling restless or reckless. This album has so many stylistic rhythms that are guaranteed to stay stuck in anyones head. The lyrics just reach out to the heart and embraces it with a big warm hug, giving reassurance that life will get better. As said in a quote in their song “Missing You,” “hold on tight, this ride is a wild one…” “Now don’t lose your fight, kid, it only takes a little push to pull on through..” This album is perfect for when one wants to just dance in their room and sing out their frustrations. With just one listen, anyone can see why Merrick and Dawson are nominated for best bassist and drummer.

In their first few albums “Put Up or Shut Up,” “Nothing Personal,” “So Wrong it’s Right” and “Dirty Work” have a lot of party influenced pop-rock vibes, with a hint of emo pop-rock. Now their music along with themselves have profoundly evolved and matured with more of a pop-rock and indie genre to their music. One thing that has always been the same however, is their dedication to writing music that speaks to the “lost boys and girls” out there. They always write music that levels with the listeners to remind people that they understand what everyone’s going though, and that everything will get better.

With the initial intention of starting a band to fool around and have fun, All Time Low ended up affecting the lives of so many listeners and, from what many fans say, “saved their life.” After hearing this response from their hustlers, (nickname for the fans), “All Time Low” soon realized that writing music for their Hustlers would be the greatest career of their lives, and their calling in life.

The overall theme set motto of the album says, “We’ve got scars on our future hearts, but we never look back, no we never look back.”

This album is available on iTunes and at all music stores. Plus, at Best Buy only, “Future Hearts” includes two extra songs.

By Alyssa Lopez

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