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Varsity volleyball earns another win

0 comments, 25/09/2015, by , in Sports

The varsity volleyball team won its third district game Tuesday night versus Del Valle. They won in three sets. 25-14 and 25-10 and 25-17.

Junior Kristina Coria is happy with the team performance.

“A win is great, but it’s in the past. We need to get back to work and get ready for our next game.”

Senior Erika Aguilar agrees with Coria.

“We just want to be a successful team. One way we can accomplish that goal is by taking each game one by one and try to come out with a win.”

Varsity Assistant Mike Dwyer feels confident about the season.

“We have a good team, and I feel we can do a lot of damage. We have the chance to make it to the playoffs if we can succeed.”

The varsity team is 10-11 overall and have a district record of 3-1. They have a home game against Riverside Friday at 6:30.

By Samuel Workman

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