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Varsity volleyball hopes to advance to playoffs

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“United” is the word Coach Moreno-Gallegos uses to describe the Lady Highlanders this year. Together as one team, members said they can get the job done.

District play started Sept.11. The highlanders started off with a win against Riverside Rangers. They are overall 13-12, but 6-1 in district.

“District will be challenging and exciting,” Coach Moreno-Gallegos said, “We are looking for the top sports in our district.”

Moreno said the girls want to make a positive impression on Bel Air by changing their attitude and mindsets.

“They are working extremely hard and so it has affected their attitudes in a positive way.”

One thing that hasn’t happened in a while is  volleyball making it to playoffs. The main goal they have right now is making it to playoffs or even further.

“That is also their motivation to work hard and play hard. Playing like their lives depends on it. It is time for them to put a map on Bel Air,” Moreno-Gallegos said.

With five seniors on the roster, the girls are playing all out for their senior year. Captain, Alyssa Lanahan, is making sure that happens.

“It’s an honor to be captain. I feel like I’m responsible to make us become successful.” Lanahan says.

Their next game is on Tuesday Oct. 6 against Riverside at the Dibler Gym.

By Audrey Likovic

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