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Varsity volleyball resolves not to let a loss discourage them

0 comments, 16/10/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Sports

The Lady Highlanders lost their district game Tuesday against the Eastlake Falcons. That loss moved them to 8-2 in district play. They lost three sets to none. They are in second place and are in the playoff conversation.

Senior Captain Erika Aguilar is looking past Eastlake.

“We fought hard all game and we competed at the highest of our ability. We have to keep our composure and keep playing the way we’ve been playing.”

Junior Kristina Coria agrees.

“Before this game we were on a roll. We were playing ball the way we know how to. If we keep playing that way, we will finally end the playoff drought. It’s up to us if we make it or not.”

Varsity Assistant Mike Dwyer reflected on the game.

“Eastlake was a good team. We need to play how we have been and we will take the second seed and make it to the playoffs.”

The next game is Friday at home against Del Valle. Bel Air won the previous meeting three sets to one. The game starts at 6:30 following the JV game.

By Samuel Workman

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