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Varsity battles for helmet

0 comments, 02/09/2016, by , in Sports

by Iris Reyes


Looking to take back the helmet, the varsity football team goes head to head with the Eastwood Troopers tonight at Eastwood stadium at 7 p.m.

“The helmet belongs to Bel Air and our team dreams of bringing it back. Whatever the result, we want every player to play good and stay free from injury,” said assistant coach Alejandro Carrillo.

The varsity has been practicing and studying Eastwood’s plays for weeks.

“The offensive line has shown tons of improvement. They have studied Eastwood on film every day,” Carrillo said.

The game has already sold out at Bel Air and Eastwood. According to Coach Carrillo this will be the biggest game of the season.

“Eastwood and Bel Air will always be the biggest rivalry in El Paso. No question that Alma Mater always shows up to support both schools,” Carrillo said.

According to assistant principal Wes Mottinger, the varsity team will be well prepared, well coached and do their very best to win the game. Head Coach Tony Cervantes agreed.

“My boys are ready for tonight’s game, they have worked hard, and they will be taking back our helmet tonight,” Cervantes said.

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