Senior Parents Meet

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As the class of 2018 is eager to get this year started and over with, Dr. Octavio Sanchez set up a parent class meeting for the 12th graders which took place in the cafeteria at 6 p.m. on Sept. 14.

This meeting was important to attend not only for the parent but also for the seniors and for the parents to keep their child on top of things and to make sure they have a successful senior year.

The main points that Sanchez wanted to get across were “the loss of credit and the importance of attendance because that’s the thing that can derail you from graduating is a loss of credit,” Sanchez said.

As the 12th grade AP, Sanchez is determined this year to have all seniors walk and get their diploma by being on top of not only the things that they need to do to get there but also make sure they are willing to put in the work.

There were a good amount of parents who attended this conference, although some parents they felt like the information given should have been explained more thoroughly and not have been so rushed.

Nancy Martinez, the parent of senior Brianna Hernandez, said that she would have liked to be more informed of the “community service on where my child can go get the hours just because some places don’t allow her to do them without me being there with her.” Hernandez said.

As for the students who attended the meeting with their parents, they already knew half of the information that was given to them. As Brianna Hernandez, the senior class of 2018 entered this conference, she started to realize that she needs to be “on top of everything and slowly getting ready for college, the big deal.”

As all seniors are is stress and multitasking to get things done Sanchez has a few words for the seniors.

Sanchez wants to let the seniors know that even though it’s their last year, have fun enjoy this year but don’t wait till the end to do what has to be done. Don’t procrastinate because before you know it June is here.

As the conference ended Sanchez informed the parents about the teacher-parent conference on Sept. 19 and that there will be a parent meeting each month.

By Valerie Martinez

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