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The art department students are participating in the EPCC art contest in which the whole city participates and in the Virgen de Guadalupe art contest held by the district.

All of the art teachers recruited some of their students to be part of the contest. 

“It took them over two weeks to finish their drawings for their contest,” art teacher Cesar Aguayo said.

Aguayo was able to get when and where both competitions were taking place, also got when both contest winners will be announced.

“EPCC is taking place at the EPCC campus on Viscount, and Virgen de Guadalupe is taking place at Central Office winners will be announced on Dec. 3 for the EPCC contest and Dec. 13 for the Virgen de Guadalupe.”

These art drawings are picked with two characteristics.

“We selected these art pieces because they ether have creativity or technicality and they have to be unique and have to have some material.”

Aguayo said students have a big chance to win.

“It’s hard to tell if we can win or not because every year they have a different judge and different commitments, but my students tried hard and gave it their all.”

Aguayo clarifies the students feelings. 

“Some of these students are competing for the first time, and they are anxious for the results.”

One contest is based on the Virgen de Guadalupe and the other one on something that inspired them.

“For the Virgen de Guadalupe, the artwork has to depict the Virgen in any way as long as it’s based on that theme. For the EPCC it can be based on anything that the student desires.”

The art program has a group has a group of students competing

“We have a large group of students submitting their art piece into competition right now. I can’t think of many but we have Gerardo Martinez (junior), Jose Gonzales (senior), Estela Alcantar (sophomore), and Ashley Velasco (senior )

The art teachers are excited for their students. 

“Last year we had a senior at the time Frank Coronado win best in show at city of El paso’s chalk the block competition, beating professionals and bringing home $2,000 check. We believe they can achieve something this big this year,” Aguayo said.

 By Melanye Lara

By Melanye Lara

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