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“Gone Girl” Review

0 comments, 10/10/2014, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

“Gone Girl,” based on the novel written by Gillian Flynn, was the definition of a mysterious dramatic thriller.  Although having a different ending in the film than in the novel, the film still showed just the same intensity and dramatic gasping moments as in the novel.

On the day of their fifth wedding anniversary Nick Dune’s wife, Amy Dune, disappears and that’s when the crazy, intense and haunting journey begins.  In search of finding out the truth behind what really happened to Amy, keep the question “Did Nick Dune truly kill his wife?” in mind.  David Fincher and Gillian Flynn’s intelligent storytelling throughout this fantastic journey will keep the viewer  at the edge of their seat from start to end.

Ben Affleck stars as Nick Dune, and Rosamund Pike stars as Amy Elliot Dune.  Ben and Rosamund are able to pull off the exact image that both director David Fincher, and writer Gillian Flynn, had in mind, the crazy, avenging of one another couple.  Both characters along with the rest of cast were able to catch the mind-thrilling intensity aspect as to what the film truly consisted of mystery, and all its abstract postmodern glory.  This film was truly a great opportunity for the future of Rosamund Pike because of her outstanding performance in her role as the impossibly demanding, smart and gorgeous, Amy Dune.

This was one of David Fincher’s best directed films yet, putting aside all his other amazing work, in the film “Fight Club” starring Brad Pitt, and working with Michael Jackson, Madonna, etc.  This film deserves a 10/10. It’s strongly advised for everyone who is looking for a good thriller film to go the nearest Cinemark. It’s definitely worth the money!

By: Andrea Rincon

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