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The Invention of Hugo Cabret

0 comments, 30/03/2012, by , in Opinion

By: Edna Ferguson

Based on the novel “The Invention of Hugo Cabret,” HUGO reveals the wide appreciation for films and the love for children’s imaginations.


HUGO is about the life of a twelve year-old boy living inside the walls and clocks of a Paris train station. Being an orphan, Hugo strives to reveal the mystery an automaton his father left him has, believing that whatever it is, the message is from his father. Through his journey he steals everything he can to keep him alive and help him fix the automaton, his only friend, always running away from the injured guard that wants to put him in an orphanage.


He makes friends with the toy shop’s goddaughter who turns out to have the key to start the automaton. Her godfather turns out to be the famous Georges Melies, one of the first filmmakers. Thus the main adventure begins with finding out the mystery behind this man’s retirement. Through his tough kid life, Hugo finds adventure and a family in his friends.


Entwined with romantic comedy this film is great for a family night. It contains small episodes between innocent adults that have fallen in love for the first time and the funny acts they each go through to get to that significant other.


The film projects the psychological and emotional views of life, especially the truth and humor behind “falling in love.” The film appreciation in the movie is also attractive in the sense that the audience, who had no interest in films whatsoever or did not know much about them, are left with the awe and wonder over the art of film making; people want to know more.


Though PG rated for containing some humor not appropriate for children, HUGO is as innocent as it could be to the main audience. Nominated for Best Picture for the Academy Awards, HUGO is a must see film. 5 stars.



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