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If Android and iOS teamed up…

0 comments, 18/02/2016, by , in At-a-glance, Opinion

It is known that both Android and iOS are at the top of their game, but what would happen if Apple and Google teamed up to make one single smartphone? Well first of all, look at the specs of both Android and iOS.

iOS is Apple’s software that comes with many features that are both good and some not so good. The thing about iOS is that it runs on all iPhones, Macs, and iPads. Whether the user has the latest device or not will determine if the user will get the latest software that Apple has to offer. But let’s focus more on the smartphones. iPhone is a very popular flagship of smartphones that Apple has released, the phone is somewhat thin and it has a premium design with the signature Apple logo on the back of the phone. Unlike Android, iPhones tend to automatically close down apps that are not being used without having to force close them manually by the user. Because of this, iPhones can run at a much faster speed and not lag no matter how many apps are open on the device. The phones themselves run smoothly, the fingerprint scanner works pretty well, and the rear camera is one of the best cameras out there, sporting 12 megapixels.

The latest set of iPhones which are the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, don’t really differ much from past iPhone devices that were introduced, aside from the fact that the 6S Plus has a 5.5-inch display, they still do have some pretty cool features. Unlike the 6 line, the 6S has a 3D display that hovers when an app icon is held down. It gives different options that helps the user manage apps much more easily than before. One of the things that bothers some users about iPhones, is the fact that it has no expandable storage and no removable battery. If users have a 32 GB iPhone and run out of memory, they will have no choice but to either clear up some apps, music, photos, and videos, or just buy a new iPhone with much more memory which by the way… the most storage it goes up to is 128 GB. As far as charging an iPhone goes, it uses a “Lighting” port that plugs in no matter what way it is plugged in, this ensures users that they will not damage the phone if they attempt to plug it in face up or face down. The battery charges quite fast but users beware because iPhones only have one single battery that cannot be removed, so if it fries, users will have no choice but to buy another iPhone. iPhones are pretty good smartphones but to a certain limit.

Now on to Android.

            There are so many things that Android has. Some may deem those things completely pointless, and some may believe that it just makes Android rule even more. Android is all about making the phone suitable for the user and that one user only. There is so many settings that let the user customize the interface, change the launchers, and more. The thing about Androids is that they come in many different shapes and forms from different manufacturers. The ones that are at the top of their game right now are LG’s G series, and Samsung’s Galaxy line. Even though Android is somewhat similar, it’s interface varies from manufacturers. For example, Galaxy can run Android Lollipop (5.0) and run on its own personal launcher that is TouchWiz. LG can also run on Android Lollipop but it runs in its own launcher as well. Customization on these phones is not even close to being limited. Users can add wallpapers, live wallpapers, change the way icons look and more. The beauty about Android is that users can change their default apps. If the user does not like the default music player, they can download a new one and make that one their default music app. Same applies for any other app associated with the phone, such as phone calls, messaging, or even the keyboard. Managing your storage couldn’t be any easier, it is very easy to move files from one folder to another in Android phones.

There is one flaw with Androids though, they are not always secure. For example the fingerprint scanner, if the user has a different launcher and someone is clever enough to dig through their settings when they lend them their phone, that person could easily register his or her fingerprint. This issue is mostly common on Nova Launcher. Users must be careful when using that particular launcher because it can make the device vulnerable.

As far as battery life goes, the phones last quite long and they charge pretty fast too. Best part is that if a battery fries, on most phones the user will be able to switch the battery to a brand new one. Expandable storage is even better with the microSD slot, most phones can go up to 200 GB with one card, and sometimes it even helps boost the phone. Android is an amazing software and the best part is that it continues to grow. Google has confirmed that an update is on the way. It is to be called Android Marshmallow (6.0).

If Google and Apple teamed up, all of these features could be brought together. The user could have a device that has the best of both worlds. An amazing display, a flawless camera, expandable storage, a removable battery, a must faster processor, and a software that would defeat any other software out there. An iPhone that gives you to advantage to customize the phone the way the user wants it, and an Android that makes the user’s phone run much faster than any computer in existence. Some may believe that this would be a ridiculous move for Apple and Google to make, but others believe that it would be a stupendous idea. Not to mention the loads of cash this would bring in through both their doors. Google and Apple should really consider this idea. Users would be really happy to see this happen, and there would no longer be a Android Vs. iOS feud like there currently is.

By Robert Jaquez

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