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“Immature” Attention Seeking at Inappropriate Time

0 comments, 10/01/2013, by , in Opinion

By: Bianca Marie Hernandez



On Dec 14 something tragic happened to our nation a total of 20 First graders and Six faculty members got shot and killed in Newtown, Conn. At Sandy Hook Elementary and its has only been five days since the shooting, and already rumors have been addressed around various schools about people face-booking and tweeting “threats” to shoot up the schools.


Are these just rumors for media attention? Or just to cancel school?

Its ridiculous how students can make false accusations when families in Conn. are devastated by the death of the killings that really happened. If these are “jokes” being put on social media as far as face-booking and tweets, it really should stop, because its not fair to schools in the past that have been “shot-up” there are people who have experienced such tragedies who deserve the respect of not only the affected, but those people that haven’t. It’s one thing to understand a situation, but it is another thing to provide empathy for those in need of hope for something better to come.


Rather than adding “wood to the fire”  Now is the time to make a difference and become part of rebuilding peoples lives. The immaturity must stop, the rumors have become a waste of time and distraction to not only affected, but those in school who are trying to learn from it and progress in a positive way.


If this is a seek for attention, stop because the attention provided is something that will only cause damage to reputation.

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