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Jacinda Woodruff Honored as MVP

0 comments, 08/04/2013, by , in At-a-glance, Features, Sports

By Bianca Marie Hernandez

When District 1-5 A MVP Jacinda Woodruff plays basketball, the only thing that goes through he her mind is the game, what she will accomplish, and how she will get there.

Encouraging her teammates to always be the best athlete they can be, senior Kendra Vega described Woodruff as a role model.

“She an incredible basketball player/point guard, and she knows how to step up to the plate when needed,” Vega said.

Senior Woodruff lettered three years as the varsity point guard and two years as captain.

“It feels great to be honored [as] MVP because basketball is my passion. So to be honored for something I love, you can only imagine how happy it has made me,” Woodruff said.

Coaches noticed Woodruff’s athletic ability and knew they had an MVP in their hands.

“ALL-SEEING is one word I would [use to] describe Jacinda on the court because she sees the defense and calls the offense of [the] play,” varsity assistant coach Ceci Olan said.

“She sees the open line to drive or pass the ball and she runs a correct offense defensively and she sees everything all the time every time,” she said.

Not only do coaches and Teammates notice Woodruff’s love and talent for the game but her very own peers do also.

“I am a big fan of Jacinda’s, and I really look up to her. I play basketball as well, and when I am not at my games, I am at hers,” sophomore JV basketball player Michael Gutierrez said.

“I usually wear her number 22 on my body, that way when she looks up in the crowed, she notices her number one fan is cheering her on,” he said.

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