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School Safety

0 comments, 12/02/2014, by , in At-a-glance, Features

School safety has become a major issue throughout the United States and is trying to be improved. But what is Bel Air High School doing for school safety?

“Well our officers are constantly walking around the premises to ensure the constant surveillance of students. We also have backup drills and plans of our own just in case anything goes wrong and sometimes school lock drills are activated,” Sargent S. Lopez said.

Some of these drills have been improved to be better. Not only is there a goal to stop small crime around the school but rules are now being enforced.

“Well it may seem like a small thing, but we are enforcing all ID’s to make sure that we catch students who are here who shouldn’t be here. Like sometimes we’ve caught kids from Del Valle here. For all we know someone can be walking around with a gun. And by wearing ID’s it can protect us all from an accident,” security guard Frosty Mares said.

But given all the recent shootings, Bel Air is trying to amp up the security.

“We have set up more cameras throughout the hallways and making teachers with off periods start to walk around the hallways. It’s like Bel Air is being monitored around the clock,” assistant principal. Wes Mottinger said.

Recent events happening have motivated schools to take a stand and pick up school safety. A recent shooting in middle school shooting in Roswell, N.M., sent shock waves around all schools in the United States. Many people now realize that it’s no longer large gunmen or suspicious looking people they have to look out for but it’s now the students as well. Although it’s not the first school shooting, educators and parents throughout the US are working to prevent any more shootings from happening again.

Similar to the shooting in Roswell, Sandy Hook elementary suffered a more deadly day on Dec. 14, 2012. According to the school, a new security system had just been installed locking school doors at 9:30 everyday. But the gunman shot through the door, gaining entrance to the building. He then proceeded to gun down 20 students and six more teachers.

In some schools, more security is being put in the buildings, school drills include quicker protection and hiding students from the intruder.

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