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C team softball earns 2nd place

0 comments, 11/05/2016, by , in At-a-glance, Sports

The Bel Air’s C team for softball, which was led by Head Coach Larry Walp, went 5-2 in district to get second place in district.

Coach Walp said, “Their strengths helped a lot, which were defense, and speed for base running.”

The team of course had it’s strengths, but also had their weaknesses such as offensive batting.

Coach Walp said,“You can’t teach offensive batting in one season. The players would have to put in the time to truly understand and be good at it. This team can definitely improve themselves and take district champs next year, but in order to do that they need to join club ball or a local summer league.”

Then Coach Walp also said, “The biggest challenge for us is to take nine personalities and mold them into one personality and our way of overcoming this is to practice more and grow a bond between them.”

The first player who helped improve the team was Evelynn Acuna.

Coach Walp said, “She was the commander of the field, she did her job very well and did everything that was asked of her. She was the catcher and one of leaders on the team because she controlled what people had to do. Her athletic ability played a big part in leading them as far as we got.”

Acuna said, “I am improving a lot from last year, and I am doing my best to help the team out in the same way.”

The second key player was Alexis Ramirez, she also played a big part so this team was able to be second in district.

Coach Walp said, “She anchored the in-field and the athletic ability she possessed was able to carry these girls as far as they did. She also had the leadership characteristic that was able to keep the team up and motivate the rest to be better.”

Ramirez said, “I try to show as much leadership as possible and help the others by guiding them the right way. My talent is helped through my dedication and commitment that I put into this sport.”

The third player that helped improve the team was Daisy Quintana

Coach Walp said, “She was their go to pitcher; she was able to get the job done if they ever called her to the stage. Her leadership was great from her being one of the main players to helping out her teammates and putting their heads up. Her athletic ability helped out a lot because that job takes a lot of talent.”

Quintana said, “I tried my best to guide them to a good winning path and teach the players more than what they knew. I came down from JV as a pitcher and did my best to pitch as best as I can.”

By Jamil Gentry

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