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Maj. Ronald Wigger eager to teach marksmanship

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Besides training young cadets to be military and college ready through the ROTC program, Maj. Ronald Wigger served in the Army and National Guard for 29 years.

Wigger said, “My primary objective in the Army and National Guard was to make soldiers and cadets better marksmen.”

Wigger has had multiple jobs and experience with Army-related training in North Little Rock, Ark.,Fort Benning, Ga., and West Point N.Y.

“All my jobs have been related to training and competition in marksmanship to some degree.
Training, competing, shooting and marksmanship are my passion,” Wigger said.

He considers himself lucky that he grew up with a father in the Army, Wigger said,
“I’m a military brat because my father retired as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army.”

He has enjoyed Bel Air, though it’s been busy he does enjoy working with the students.

Wigger said, “I enjoy Bel Air and I really enjoy being around the cadets. They show lots of enthusiasm and are very inspired.”

Wigger hasn’t only trained cadets who are in school, but has also worked with soldiers who suffer with PTSD at the Wounded Warrior trials in West Point.

NY. Wigger said, “I was very impressed with how well these soldiers, even though they were suffering with PTSD, how engaged and motivated they were in shooting and competing.”

Wigger served in the Army not because the scholarships, but for his country,

“The Army provided me a pre-education on a ROTC scholarship in college, but I wanted to serve for my country.”

By Amber Gentry

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