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Life Is Strange Review

0 comments, 10/09/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

A unique concept, stunning graphics, complex characters, and a gorgeous soundtrack combine to create an enthralling experience when playing the video game Life is Strange.

Max Caulfield

DONTNOD Entertainment’s second video game title has garnered a sizeable fan base across social media (named the biggest video game fandom on Tumblr in August), and it’s not hard to see why. The game follows 18-year-old Max Caulfield, a student at a prestigious private school (Blackwell Academy) in the sleepy small town of Arcadia Bay, Ore. Max struggles with having the confidence to put her photography out in the world and with assimilating in her new school, but these become the least of her problems when she witnesses someone getting shot in the girl’s restroom. This catalyzes Max’s ability to rewind time. The game becomes largely a mystery. Max reunites with her childhood best friend Chloe Price, and they try to figure out what became of a missing teen by the name of Rachel Amber. The game becomes darker and darker as Max and Chloe come closer and closer to discovering the shocking truth.

Gameplay is really fun and immersive. The story and relationships between characters are affected by decisions the player makes. This allows players to play and replay and replay and replay and have a different experience each time.

Chloe Price

Max Caulfield (voiced by Hannah Telle) is in her words a “shy cliche geek.” Her newfound powers and her reunion with Chloe begin to change the way she presents herself. She becomes more confident, extroverted, and willing to take risks. When the player is introduced to Chloe Price ( voiced by Ashly Burch) she seems like the stereotypical rebellious teen, equipped with blue hair and a rap sheet. As the audience gets to know Chloe better they see she has layers and see her character evolve into a more thoughtful and hopeful character. Max and Chloe, though interesting and great apart, are even better together. They’re relationship is strong and complex and one of the driving forces of the game.

Something this game does really well is presenting a character who seems to fit a high school student stereotype, but then revealing another part of them to make them way more interesting and realistic. The game explores shades of gray with all their characters. No one character is shown as 100 percent good or bad.

The game really utilizes music to maximize the gameplay experience. The game and the songs work together to really affect the players’ emotions and truly immerse them in the game. The soundtrack can be heard here.

The game is told through episodes. Episodes one through four have already come out and episode five is expected to come out in either late September or early October.

Whether one is a hardcore gamer or the only game they’ve ever played is flappy bird, Life is Strange is a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by anyone. 5/5 stars. Available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

For more information visit the official Life is Strange website.

By Sienna Mata

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