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Breast cancer hits Junior close to home

0 comments, 23/10/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Features

Junior Brandon Crisanti will never forget the day his life’s priorities were turned upside down. Unfortunately, Crisanti is experiencing the devastation of breast cancer first hand.  His mother was diagnosed ten months ago.

Crisanti said, “Shock was the only thing that came to mind,” when he learned of the news. “At first I didn’t think of it, but over time, it finally clicked.” He continued, “I try to stay positive and supportive so that it doesn’t get to me.”

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Pink is a common sight throughout October, but often, the magnitude of breast cancer and its impact on others is not realized.  According to the National Cancer Society, more than 300,000 individuals faced the devastating news that they had breast cancer in 2014. Of that number, over 40,000 lost their battle with this disease.

Today, Crisanti’s mom has completed her chemotherapy and is undergoing radiation.  She had a mastectomy and is awaiting a second procedure this December. Crisanti stays optimistic.

“She is recovering and is moving on with her life.” He also feels “relief that it is almost done,” as they continue to celebrate the news of her remission and her full recovery.

As in Crisanti’s mother’s case, over 89 percent of those diagnosed last year, received the good news that they are in remission.  More than 2.9 million women today can say they survived the disease. One in eight women risk the diagnosis, so early detection is critical.

Friday, Highlanders will participate in a breast cancer awareness rally, the Pink Out Pep Rally.  Highlanders will be encouraged to wear pink and reflect on the significance of the lives this disease has touched.  

As Crisanti said, “I feel happiness that my mom won’t be going through all that she did any longer.”

By Matthew Montoya

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