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Football goes up against Hanks this Friday

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The Bel Air varsity football team has set out to make a difference in their game this season. They currently have a record of 1-3 in district. The team suffered tough losses against the top two teams in the district, Eastlake and Del Valle. The Highlanders are now working to win their next three games to secure their spot in playoffs, starting off with the Hanks Knights on Friday.

“We’re preparing with a solid game plan and help the players implement the plan by making sure we have intense and upbeat practices everyday,” head coach Tony Cervantes said about facing their tougher opponents.

“Starting off, our goals this season have been to make playoffs, but lately our play has shown that we can contend for the district championship and go deeper into playoffs as well,” said senior quarterback Jesus Contreras.
There was a change in coaching staff from the previous year and many of the players have said they have improved from the new coaches.

“The new staff has made a huge difference. They encouraged us to buy into their gameplan and so far it’s worked,” senior Samuel Workman said. “Our defensive coordinator Coach Martinez has help turn our defense around. We’ve had two shutouts and no more than twenty-six points have been scored on us.”

Cervantes says he has seen an attitude change in his boys for the better, and that they work with each other well.

Senior Jorge Rascon said, “Our confidence in each other and how we work as a team is what really makes us strong. Knowing that every individual will do their job helps a lot.”

Coach Cervantes hopes to secure a playoff spot and compete for the district title, and he plans to do so with the help of his key players: Workman, Jsus Contreras, Alex Ceballos and Louie Leyva. The Highlanders will face the top teams in district 2-5A, and the players are confident about how they will play.

“Our game plan is the same for every team,” Contreras said. “Just have fun and play our game, and we will come out on top.”

The players encourage each other to produce the best results.

Senior Louie Leyva said, “I contribute to my team by giving a hundred percent effort and by making sure everyone works hard and together.”

Football has made an impact on the whole school, and the student section at every game has become an event that more students want to be a part of.

Contreras said, “Our team this year had definitely made a difference in the Bel Air community. We see bigger crowds and more spirit around the school. We like to think of our team’s talent to have a big part in that.”

By Alyssa Lanahan

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