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New theatre teacher plans to expand program

0 comments, 13/11/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Features

Being in Theatre Arts requires more than just acting according to theatre teacher, Talia Davila.

“It’s very abstract and philosophical at times. You have to be extremely open and willing to incorporate all aspects of your emotional being,” Davila said.

Davila has plans of expanding the theatre program for the students this year.

Davila said, “I definitely want to get a film program launched for the students. Even if it’s small it’s still one of our main ambitions. I also want to build the program in order to create a presence by producing quality work.”

She found her desire in wanting to teach theatre just by looking at the positivity in the world around us.

“I have a profuse love for art, expression, and how the world along with us creates many wonderful things,” Davila said.

According to Davila every student is special and important in their own way.

Davila said, “I motivate my students in a way that I will do anything to make them feel comfortable. I believe in them and their unique talents and styles as individuals.”

Davila has many other interests other than teaching Theatre.

Davila said, “I like coffee, boots, chocolate, music, art, nature, religion, politics, film, cooking, making and writing music – and I want to skydive.”

As far as her feelings about her time at Bel Air go Davila says, “I love it.”

By Amber Gentry

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