New nine weeks testing schedule receives critcism

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The teachers and department heads decided not to have block schedule for finals for numerous reasons.

Not all students agree with the new set-up this year for finals, so junior Tristan Griego has made a petition to get the block schedule back.

Griego said, “Everyone wants block schedule due to the hour lunch and 90 minute periods.”

The freshmen have never gotten to experience open campus and an hour lunch.

Freshman Jesus Vaquera said, “One, we can go off campus, and two, I believe the 90-minute review will help our grade on the finals.”

Along with Vaquera, other students feel longer reviews will better their grades.

Freshman Sergio Briseno said, “I would have liked it better last year. People would of gotten better grades, more time to review, and go out for lunch.”

According to Griego time is the main reason for this debate.

Griego says, “They’re some people who really don’t care about getting the block schedule back. English teachers need more time to deal with the short answers, but every other subject says it’s just more troubling.”

The reason we don’t have the block schedule is the department heads and teachers did not like the schedule and thought was a waste of time.

Assistant principal Candace Warren said, “Tests didn’t take entire periods and could be better used as instructional time. This year’s schedule had students not taking too many tests in one day”.   

This year students are taking only one test a day unless they have a foreign language class which will be taken on the same day with English. In last year’s block schedule, students took two tests a day. Now they’re only taking one.

By Jacobo Dominguez

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