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Boys JV basketball team ready for season

0 comments, 20/11/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Sports

The JV basketball boys want to win as many games as they can, and also win district again, as they defend the title from last year. They’re a new, young team ready for the challenge ahead this season.

 Jonathan Leyton, who is currently a junior and also a returning player, started playing because no one in his family played basketball, and he wanted to try something different. He feels like it is his year to do something, because he is one of the few returning players and has a lot of responsibility to his team.

“This season is going to be interesting, but we just need to focus when we are out there on the court,” Leyton said.

 Another junior going through his seventh year playing basketball is Robert Gonzalez,

“I’ve never really been a stand out player, but I do what I can to help my team get the win,” Gonzales said. He plays hard and tries to be a role model for his younger brother, Miguel who is a freshman, also playing the sport. Gonzalez says he is excited to see what this upcoming season brings and to see if his hard work pays off.

 Heading into his 29th season as a coach, Robert Stout said he is eager to start the season with this new, young team. He became a coach because he loves to be around athletes and see how hard they compete, but also likes practices more than actual games.

“We need more practices still, but I’m ready to see these guys in action,” Stout said.

By Delylah Tovar

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