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The Incredible True Story album review

0 comments, 03/12/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

Logic released his sophomore album on Nov. 13 that is considered a “motion picture sci-fi epic.” The story contained in the album and the sci-fi epic takes place 100 years into the future, and the earth is uninhabitable because the human race ruined it. Characters Thomas and Kai are now traveling to a new planet that is inhabitable called “Paradise,” and while they’re flying there, they are playing Logic’s album, “The Incredible True Story.”

In every album or mixtape, Logic’s sound changes. He evolves not as a rapper but as a poet. The album is very good , but it’s not the best. It’s not going to be one of the most memorable at the end of the year, but it’s a solid project. The skits felt out of place and didn’t relate much to the music, but they helped develop the feeling one usually gets from Logic, the feeling of comfort. Logic doesn’t challenge the listener, musically or lyrically. He doesn’t force his/her to think about things, but he makes nice sounding music, and he’s a good rapper. The skits, his rapping, and the production worked together to create this welcoming vibe.

The listener won’t relate to this one as much as “Under Pressure.” No song was ‘bad.’Nothing makes the listener  want to stop listening. The production overall was amazing, and we should all give props to Logic because he did most of the beats himself.

The first song, “Contact” has a feel like an astronaut walking off to a ship before take off. Then  comes dialogue. This is like that first time one starts playing a new video-game. One part of the player wants to hear the story and watch the cutscenes, but another part really just wants to jump in and start murking zombies. “The album that changed everything” is a bold statement.

He constructed the songs in order almost like a house. He just didn’t throw the singles and skits randomly. The way he are ordered them is for a reason, to give out a message of peace and love.

The songs that were the most unique because of  the beat, the message, the pace, the lyrics, just the overall feel were ‘’Fade Away,” “Like Woah,” “Young Jesus,” and “City of Stars.”

In “Fade Away” Logic does a double time flow that goes even faster than the last verse. He finishes off his beat with epic drums and finally dialogue in a female robot voice, the same that was all over his previous album “Under Pressure.”

“Like Woah” starts off with a hard beat and feels like he’s building up to something. It has a Drake feel to it , but if Drake wrote or performed this song it would have been all over the radio. “Young Jesus” takes it back to the ‘90s with its overall feel and beat. Logic collaborated with his long time best friend “Big Lenbo.” They did a hot-potato style with the  bars toward the end, passing them back and forth. It adds a more unique sound something one doesn’t hear nowadays.

The “City of Stars” track has an “808s”and-“Heartbreak”-by-fellow-Def Jam-artist-Kanye West vibe to it, which he references more than once. He takes a shot at Def Jam. Logic spits some truth in this.  His best songs have depth to them.

“The Incredible True Story” has a unique sound and genuine vibe to it about personal materials.

This album is an easy 4 out of 5 stars. On all 18 tracks, Logic is fearless. “The Incredible True Story” is admirable because Logic writes music from his heart. Logic is honest throughout the album giving listeners real music and musical production. The artist channels his underdog status into complex raps, creative flows, and anime influences. He’s not mainstream where his songs are repeated every hour on the radio. But he will attract a new audience with his rap skills, beats, and path of peace.

By Jacobo Dominguez

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