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“Quantico” Review

0 comments, 14/12/2015, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

 Alex Parrish portrayed by Priyanka Chopra stars in the new TV series “Quantico” where she is being framed for a bombing in Grand Central Station. “Quantico” is an action-packed race   against time, to find out who the real terrorist is before another bombing occurs.

 This series should get five stars out of five because the storyline is very engaging and almost feels as if it is a real-life situation. The acting is great because the backstories are captivating and very well played out by the actors. The viewers get a chance to learn all of the characters strengths and weaknesses within the academy and while working in the FBI. The viewers find what each person is hiding and the reason behind it. Although the series is action-packed, it has it’s fair share of drama and romance.  

 The cast also includes Ryan Booth portrayed by Jake MClaughlin, Nimah Anwar portrayed by Yasmine Elmasri, Miranda Shaw portrayed by Aunjanue Ellis, Shelby Wyatt portrayed by Johanna Braddy, Caleb Haas portrayed by Graham Rogers, Simon Asher portrayed by Tate Ellington, Liam O’conner portrayed by Josh Hopkins, and Nathalie Vasquez portrayed by Anabelle Acosta.             

  Parrish is the FBI’s top recruit, but it seems as though her life has done a complete 360 degree spin when she finds herself being the FBI’s Most Wanted. Quantico is the FBI academy in Virginia that Parrish attended. Within the time Parrish is in the academy she reveals bombshell secrets, learns who to trust and why, and even gets herself tangled up in some drama.

  The action level in the series is a little less than most series. It’s not all bombings and shootings all the time but, the little action that it does have ties in well with the storyline. The story is also very good it’s engaging, there’s a lot of plot twists and a lot is revealed in each new episode. Viewers can watch “Quantico” every Sunday on ABC at 10|9c.

By Natalie Plata

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