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Freshman boys soccer undefeated so far

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Freshmen boys soccer starts its district play undefeated. The boys beat Midland, Odessa and El Dorado for all their pre-district matches. The  boys will open district play at home vs Montwood Jan. 21. The Highlanders offense is proved to be strong scoring a total of  in three games.

“Being on the field is amazing. There’s nothing that beats the feeling of scoring an important goal. My team puts me in positions where it’s easy to score,” Angel Quezada said.

Quezada hopes his team will stay undefeated the whole season. Quezada wishes for some games he’ll be able to at least be pushed up to play JV. Quezada’s goals are to finish the year as a better athlete and student.

Quezada isn’t the one only one that hopes to become a better athlete. Sebastian Hernandez, a midfielder, wants to become a stronger competitor.

“I’m just going to train as hard and learn as much as I can this whole season. It’s worked for not only myself but also for my team. We’re undefeated, hardwork does pay off,” Hernandez said.

Although the freshmen team is undefeated, they will have to continue proving itself towards the bigger 6A schools.

“We can’t let being undefeated get to our heads. We’ve proved to ourselves that we can

win now we must stay humble and continue working hard,”Josh Santoyo said.

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