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Senior varsity basketball player named a part of all region team

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Senior Guard Isaiah Aguilar has won a spot as player of the region for division 1 district 5 a. After making playoffs and losing in area play, Aguilar was voted by Texas Association of Basketball Coaches as one of the top players in the region. At 6’1, averaging 8 to 10 points per game Aguilar was a key player for Highlanders basketball.

Although being named all region team Aguilar’s goal was always to win. Aguilar said he didn’t plan to get individual rewards but to go help his team.

“I just went out everyday trying to do my part to help win the game,” Aguilar said.

Certain skills such as his speed with the ball, ball handling skills and quick feet helped Aguilar stand out on the court. Aguilar was described as the best on the court by fanatics or as the one the other team’s coach would tell his players to watch out for.

“Isaiah trained hard and played hard. He put his everything into the team. He was a complete team player. When he was on the court, Isaiah made those around him better. He’d put teammates in easy situations and do anything he could for the team to win,” Coach Robert Dibler said.

Coach Dibler said he enjoyed coaching and watching Aguilar on the court. Coach Dibler loved the way Aguilar trained. Aguilar’s hard training caused the rest of the team to push.

“Him being competitive pushed the rest of us to be competitive,” Senior Sergio Enriquez said. Enriquez said  it was a pleasure to play with Aguilar and described how he gained a friend on and off the court.

“Isaiah was there for me more off the court than on,” Enriquez said.

By Christopher Diaz

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