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‘Outcast’ review

0 comments, 19/04/2016, by , in At-a-glance, Entertainment

When read, one cannot stop. The suspense that it causes is truly insane. Definitely a must read for comic readers. Outcast is possibly one of the best comics ever written by Robert Kirkman.


This comic tells the story about a man named Kyle Barnes. Kyle’s background is revealed little by little as the story progresses, but very little is known since there are only 17 issues to this comic as of right now. Cinemax has bought rights from Kirkman to make the television adaptation of this jaw-dropping comic. The show is set to premiere on June 3. It is truly exciting to see a comic such as this one come to life. Although it is very creepy, it tells a very interesting story.

The first issue begins with a child and his mother, but it really isn’t what the reader would expect. The child is possessed by some sort of demonic entity that is still yet to be officially named. The child is growling, and snarling while in a very dark room with no light coming in. The mother is scared for her child and tries to help him, only resulting in the child kicking her and breaking her nose. This isn’t the last that is seen of the child, but is more or less a little taste of what is to come. It is quite brilliant.

The comic then shifts to Kyle Barnes, a man who lives alone and suffers from his past. In one of the issues, he is seen cleaning up the home he lives in. When he moves a sofa, there is stains on the floor. A slide of the comic is seen at the bottom as a flashback. The flashback shows what seems to be Kyle’s mother, abusing him and knocking one of his teeth out, in which he finds in the next page. Once again, Kirkman makes the comic shift to another person in the comic, a Reverend who is giving a service to his church and praising the word of God.

When the Reverend finishes his service, he goes to a person who called for his help. It is the mother of the same child in the first part of the comic, asking him to exorcise her child. The Reverend does what he can but fails in doing so and asks God to give him more strength. He realizes that there is nothing he can really do to help without one person. This is where the introduction of the characters leads to.

The Reverend and Kyle meet and they go to help the mother and her child. As soon as the child sees Kyle, he says “Kyle Barnes… I know you.” This surprises Kyle and he wonders how it is that this child he has never seen before knows him. The child then says “Outcast” while looking at Kyle and pounces on him. As the child is on top of Kyle, he holds him down and spits this reddish, tarish substance into Kyle. The Reverend begins to read passages of the Bible but the child only laughs and claims that “that trick is getting old.” Kyle fights back and pushes the child off, but when he touches the child.. The child shrieks in pain. Kyle remembers something about his mother being afraid of the light and proceeds to pull down the curtains in the room. The child shrieks and tries to hide in another dark part of the room, but Kyle doesn’t allow it. Kyle then holds the child down and the child begins to bite him, to the point where he bleeds. When Kyle bleeds, the comic shows as the blood goes into the child’s mouth and it causes the child to go insane and shriek in pain until this demonic entity finally comes out and hovers above the room. The entity fades away and the child says “Mommy?” as the Reverend and Kyle look at each other, realizing that they have just saved this little boy’s soul from evil.

So what exactly is an Outcast? No one but Robert Kirkman knows because it is yet to be explained to the fans. This comic is truly brilliant and unique. Some may say it is demonic but it really isn’t. It is basically just a battle of good versus evil. For this to be on Cinemax as an original series, it definitely has built up the hype. Not to mention the fact that the show hasn’t even premiered yet and has already been renewed for a second season.


It is just that good. Unlike other comics, Outcast keeps the reader engaged. So many things happen out of nowhere, causing lots of suspense and jaw-dropping moments. Compared to “The Walking Dead” comic, Outcast is so much better and not as predictable. This comic is telling an amazing story and fans can’t really wait to see what happens next.


What is Kyle Barnes’ background? What are these entities up to? All will be revealed soon. Kirkman is truly a brilliant man for creating this amazing and intense series. Some parts of this comic may be disturbing for some readers though. Comic book fans should read with precaution. This comic gets a 10 out of 10.

By Robert Jaquez

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