Lorde “Pure Heroine” Album Review

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With simplistic rhythms and deep meaningful lyrics, 16-year-old New Zealand artist Lorde brings forth the masterpiece known as the album “Pure Heroine.”

The album’s strange title was decided by the musician because she thought it sounded right together; and although aware of the appearance of the title, she felt like the name was a perfect fit for the lyrics written in each song.

“Royals,” the lead single off “Pure Heroine,” is what caused the indie artist to receive major buzz among the music industry. The track has already put the artist at some high expectations. It’s made her become the youngest artist to be featured on Billboard’s Top 100’s since the ‘80s. It’s also made her the first musician from New Zealand to be featured on the list.

Then there’s the song “Tennis Courts,” which is a great follow up after “Royals.” The song focuses more on the relationship listeners have with its lyrics, then trying to blow them away with the extreme drops in bass. It’s lyrics such as, “They could be the class clown, and I’ll be beauty queen in tears. It’s a new art form showing people how little we care,” add a bold statement to the message behind it’s catchy tune.

Plus each track has it’s own unique instrumentals that brings the album new life, not having any song that sounds similar to another. “400 Lux” and “White Teeth Teens” are perfect examples of how different each song is, but they come together to create a symphony of eargasms, meaning people can expect the clever artist to stick around for a long time.

The album is rated five out of five stars for bringing back life to the music scene and demonstrating what artists should be doing rather than focusing on looks. The album is recommended to those who have a pulse and enjoy original artists. The price for “Pure Heroine” varies depending on where you purchase it be is usually around $9.99; and can be bought anywhere CDs are sold, and on online stores such as iTunes and Amazon.

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