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Breathing in Sulfur – Conflict & Compromise

0 comments, 05/10/2016, by , in Opinion

Have you ever been exhausted in your life? Mentally or emotionally? Maybe both? Everybody has at least once or twice so far as students, but me? I’m completely drained of my energy. The people that have made their place around me tire me daily. The problems that confront me tire me out. My life is a series of confrontations, and I just don’t know how to take a breather. It’s as if the problems I face are made up of sulfur and I’m constantly inhaling the poison. Sooner or later, it’ll kill me. What does one do with this type of complication? Does one run from the pain? Avoid it by pretending it’s not there? Or does one deal with it? Face it. A common thing nowadays is the teenagers not facing real problems because of the protection their loving parents provide, but obviously, I was raised in a different timeline.

It’d be a rather altered and abnormal life for me if I was raised with money, but fortunately, I wasn’t. I was forced to face the reality of the world, and quite frankly, it does not bother me one bit that my childhood was not easy. Praise is the word I can sum up to for that, and only I would understand. The reality of the world is that you have to become a totally different person in order to be recognized, a person you never thought you could be; a costume. Every single time I put my uniform on for work, I’m putting a costume on so that my superiors can like me enough to give me better pay. It’s funny, but in this generation, it’s the era of the “out-coming” and being “open” with each other, but in my opinion, this is the most disclosed decade in history. These are some of the problems that roam around my infectious brain. What I say to people offend them because it is the truth. Doesn’t that bother you? The fact that you can’t express yourself without someone getting hurt?

The people that claim to have the hardest lives are the ones that get offended for anything said or expressed. Those are the people that bite at my last nerve because they are ones without the picture of reality. I’ve never inhaled sulfur as much as now, and it’s becoming unbearable. Next time you become offended about something someone said, look in the mirror and ask yourself, “Why should I care?”

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