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Amy Zamora writes a new column on music, centering on lesser known bands.

Good music makes the world go ‘round, no matter who is listening. Something new is waiting for the music-lovers out there, and sometimes all it takes is one chance encounter to find a new favorite band.
The Birthday Massacre is a lesser known, underground group that is about as old as
most teenagers are today, but they aren’t likely to have heard of them. Their music has a unique sound, their lyrics evoke emotion, and frankly, their name is beautiful.
The Birthday Massacre is a Canadian electronic rock band formed in 1999 in the
pleasant, urban city of London, located in Ontario, Canada. The current lineup consists of Chibi, Rainbow, Falcore, Owen, Nate Manor, and Rhim. The band uses nicknames and pseudonyms instead of their birth names.
Originally, they were called Imagica, which they changed to avoid confusion with a
Californian death metal band of the same name. ‘The Birthday Massacre’ was one of their song names, which later became ‘Happy Birthday’. According to Chibi, their vocalist, “It kind of works well for the music that we’re making. Sort of contrasty, you know? Birthday… and massacre. Light and dark. Cute and evil.”
The band has released six studio albums as of 2002, preserving their gothic, synthpop
sound in each one. The song “Violet” off the album Violet and the song “Midnight” from Pins and Needles are essential for the new listener, as the two are just subtle and mellow enough to intrigue listeners to discover more. Of course, TBM’s entire discography is one masterpiece after another, so if this genre of music is of interest, start with any song. Regrets will not be had.
Mixing themes of horror and tragedy with fun and satire, The Birthday Massacre
captivates fans with lyrics that speak to their hearts and minds, submerging them in a tranquil dreamscape and sailing away with them on an emotional journey as they explore loss, heartbreak, fantasy, nostalgia, love, and life.

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