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‘I Feel Pretty’ Review

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The movie “I Feel Pretty” makes the viewer laugh because it is hilarious. This film is entertaining, pleasing, and a great ‘feel good’ movie. It has romance, comedy, and good messages. It is a great funny film to see with others. This movie can make the viewer picture their own self in the movie.

Many people have thought “if only I was better looking, skinnier, taller” and so on. “I Feel Pretty” shows people that what matters is what is on the inside. All people really need is just confidence in themselves. Confidence gives people self-assurance with what qualities and abilities they have.

Renee Bennett is the main role and is played by Amy Schumer. She is a very great, funny actor. Schumer is very open about her body and is known to be comfortable in it, so this movie was perfect for her to star in. The way Renee gave off so much confidence was amazing because it made the viewer have a feeling of “you go girl.” Renee did over-exaggerate the confidence she had in herself, but that is what made the movie funny. Michelle Williams played Avery LeClaire. Emily Ratajkowski played Mallory. Rory Scovel played Ethan. Busy Philipps played Jane. They are either friends or acquaintances. The other actors were also very funny. They all looked so surprised, shocked, and confused when Renee had changes all of a sudden. It was hilarious. They didn’t know how she went from being so insecure about herself to really love herself. Their facial expressions toward what Renee what do and say because of all this confidence were priceless.

Renee struggles with insecurities and self-doubt on a daily basis. One day Renee hurts her head while exercising. Renee wakes up from the head injury and gains a new point of view and confidence she never showed before. She then believes that she is the most beautiful and gifted woman on the planet. Renee’s new confidence helps her live bold, brave, and perfectly. The movie really showed how confidence can change a person’s whole perspective on themselves.

“I Feel Pretty” is rated an 8 out of 10 because it had plenty of comedy to make the viewer laugh. Laughing is an amazing feeling, so this is a feel-good movie. It is recommended that people make time to watch this movie if someone is looking for laughs. This movie is available to watch at Cinemark Cielo Vista Mall 14 and XD, Cinemark 20 and XD, and Premiere Cinema at Bassett Place Mall.

By Desiree Sandoval

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