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‘Dude’ Review

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“DUDE” revolves around four best friends Lily, Chloe, Amelia, and Rebecca. They are two weeks away from graduation, then life hits them with reality. “DUDE” is one of the best teen dramas out there yet.

“DUDE” starts off with a tragedy. Chloe’s older brother, Thomas, dies in a car accident. It hit Chloe pretty hard, but it also had an effect on Lily. Lily was Thomas’s girlfriend. She believed that he was her true love. The four girls love to smoke and drink. The last two weeks of their high school lives revolve around drinking, smoking and partying. Lily and Chloe get into a big argument, which might tear their friendship apart.

Since the movie is about girls who like to smoke weed and are in high school, the film was released on April, 20. Basically, April 20 or 4/ 20 is “weed day.” It’s a day for stoners to get a high day.
“DUDE” is a lot more than four girls getting high all the time. It’s more about how it’s hard to leave the comfort of where they are and what they have been used to. Teens get so used to things being done for them and having the same routine in the community they grew up in. “DUDE” also allows teens to realize that they aren’t alone in this world.

Lucy Hale stars as Lily and does the character justice. Lily is an emotional teen who is just trying to control her life even though it’s changing right in front of her. Hale’s emotions throughout the whole film felt so real and vulnerable. Kathryn Prescott stars as Chloe, who is this innocent teen that is controlled by Lily. Lily only wants the best for Chloe, but in reality, Chloe wants different things. The scene where Chloe had to step up to Lilly was amazing. In the beginning, Chloe was this vulnerable, innocent girl, and from that scene, she opened up. Prescott did great to interpret the change in the scene.

“DUDE” is a great original film. The film does involve nudity and sexual assault that may be intense for some viewers. “DUDE” is available on Netflix with a rating of five out of five stars.

By Valerie Martinez

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