Il Volo’s Vocals Shine in Sophomore Album

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By: Michelle Ivette Rodriguez

After having seen much success in the past few years with the debut of their self-titled album, the subsequent American and European tours, and sharing the stage with the likes of Academy Award and Grammy winning singer/actress Barbra Streisand, Il Volo’s “We Are Love” was received with much anticipation. The Italian group, which formed back in 2009 when they met on the Italian musical competition Ti Lascio Una Cazone, did not disappoint. Il Volo produced soulful and powerful melodies that expressed emotion and dedication in every note.

The boys, Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetta, and Gianluca Ginoble, have grown into their voices and have gained a newly-found profound sense of confidence. For example, in the album’s eighth track, “Il Canto ft. Placido Domingo”, Barone, Boschetta, and Ginoble manage to hold their own beside such an iconic and powerful persona. Domingo’s, a Spanish born conductor, opera singer, and philanthropist, voice still outshines them with his countless experience, familiarity, and majesty. Yet, the teens manage to pull through and shine beside one so powerfully iconic.

Known for covering romantic songs of the past, Il Volo delivers a heartfelt performance with powerful, raw emotion in “Historia de un Amor” (The History of My Love). Having grown up hearing the song sung by Antonio Aguilar, a Mexican actor and singer of the 1950s, it is comforting to hear the song sung by someone from our generation. Their combined vocals give the song a new layer of emotion and truly bring out the meaning of the piece. This raw emotion they present greatly increases the beauty of the song without withdrawing any of its original beauty. Il Volo’s version of “Historia de un Amor” is similar to their version of “El Reloj” (The Clock) (recorded on their first album) in that both songs capture a unique, new sound that has not been captured previously.

Unlike their debut album, “We Are Love” has more variety than its predecessor, “Il Volo.” This second album brings together a wider genre of music than the first. The first album was mostly limited to love songs and ballads, while this album has more of a pop edge to it. Songs like “I Bring You to My Senses,” “Beautiful Day,” and “Cosi ft. Eros Ramazotti” have an upbeat rhythm to them that provides an escape from Il Volo’s preferred romantic, ballad-like genre. Instead of detracting from their familiar sound, these songs allow the group to explore its potential and see how its audience will react to it.

These songs, especially “Cosi ft. Eros Ramazotti,” are absolutely magnificent and portray a different side of Barone, Boschetta, and Ginoble as artists. Working with Ramazotti, an Italian musician and songwriter, allowed them to explore a new sound and step out of their comfort zone. Though not the best track of the album, “Cosi” brings a different dimension to the familiar sound of Il Volo and allows the listener to discover a new vibe that is truly remarkable and exceptional.

The best track on the album is the romantic theme of the movie Luna Escondida (Hidden Moon), “Luna Nascosta.” This song is very sweet, romantic, and soothing. It captures all that a love song is supposed to be and more. The boys’ vocals truly shine here as they each capture the emotion that the song represents to each one of them individually.

A truly remarkable work of art, “We Are Love” expands the genres and the sound of Il Volo. “We Are Love” is on sale for $12.96 at, $11.46 at Barnes and Noble, and $9.99 on iTunes.


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