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Known as the “twerking queen,” Miley Cyrus has been making herself known by trying to get out of her “little girl” phase. In the VMA’s she danced alongside Robin Thicke. She did a “controversial performance” and was messing around with a foam finger. People have been judging her a lot, but people just need to let her be who she wants to be and leave her alone.

She recently took nude pictures for the magazine company “Rolling Stone.”Also in her newest video Wrecking Ball, she is nude on the ball and she is almost half naked during the video even in We Can’t Stop. For example in the IHeart music festival, she is wearing a see-through fur dress.

In 2010, her image started to change more when she starred in the movie The Last Song with Liam Hemsworth. Also when she made her music video for the song “Can’t Be Tamed.” This song is featured in her third album.

    Now she has released her fourth album which includes “ We Can’t Stop,” and          “ Wreaking Ball”. During an interview on SNL, she said, “Hannah Montana was murdered,” when asked about the show. She also stated that she is “not a little girl anymore,” and she is “being who she really is.”

Cyrus isn’t the only one who does what she does. Madonna also did it and no one judged her. No one really expected it from Cyrus because of how she was in the past. She just grew up and became her own person.

They should just let Cyrus be her own self, and ignore the things she does.

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