“Robocop” Review

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“Robocop” recently hit the big theatres Feb. 12 and is now here to protect the streets of America. This movie is filled with a lot of action in it, and turned out to a great movie with an interesting storyline. “Robocop” was full action and even some romance. This movie keeps it’s audience on the edge of their seats. Although it would have been better had the storyline been made more clear and simpler to understand. Other than that, it was a great movie. Forty-nine percent of critics enjoyed the movie and 64 percent of the public did as well.

In the new movie “Robocop,” Alex Murphy is a Detroit cop who has been in a fatal accident. In order to attempt to save him Alex’s wife agrees with a new company called OMNICORP to try and turn him into a half man half robot creature. OMNICORP has had a struggle with the American people since they are against robots protecting the city of Detroit, but find that with Alex being human and robot, they have found a loophole. As Alex’s procedure goes accordingly at first, it turns into chaos when the doctors working on him find that he lets his emotions disturb the plan OMNICORP had set in place for him. OMNICORP then turns off his emotions and let him become the full-blown robot cop Detroit wanted. Alex Murphy quickly forgets his wife and family along with his emotions and begins solving crime at a faster rate. But before OMNICORP can stop him, Alex begins to solve his own murder case and finds himself  a web of lies spread although the political system, revealing it all to the public. Now the goal of OMNICORP is to kill Alex before he can do anymore.

The infamous robocop is played by an uprising star, named Joel Kinnaman. Alex Murphy’s supportive wife is played by Abbie Cornish. Cornish plays a convincing role of sad and helpful wife. The audience believes that she truly loved Alex and that she only wanted the best for her.  Dr. Dennett Norton is the man that started it all and tried it to create robocop is played by Gary Oldman. In this movie Oldman almost seems like a villain, but toward the end it’s clear he only wants the best. He was not a favorite character and is sure to make your blood boil. Although he was a minor character in the movie, Michael K. Williams plays Alex Murphy’s best friend and partner in the police department. He doesn’t appear very often throughout the movie but is a nice character and seemed like a good actor.

Many critics are raving of how well Joel was able to bring back to the roll of robocop to even more intense character. Although this reviewer hasn’t seen the original, Joel was able to intensify Robocop and make it even more exciting. Robocop is an action packed, fun filled movie and great for those who enjoy action at every turn. Robocop has a 3 star rating and is available in all or most Cinemark cinemas.

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